Anterior Refills

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The World’s Most Trusted Esthetic Paediatric Crown

Nu-Smile Signature Pre-Veneered Anterior Refills NuSmile Signature Crowns are the tried and true restoration for primary teeth affected by early childhood caries. They give children a healthy, natural smile, are less technique sensitive than composite strip crowns and yet are affordably priced. NuSmile Signature Crowns are the most widely used esthetic crown by a 2 to 1 margin, with more than 5 million restorations performed over the past 20+ years.


The World's Most Trusted Esthetic Paediatric Crown

More than 5 million restorations to date

Outstanding Durability

Crafted with state-of-the-art materials, processes and technology

Excellent Esthetics / Anatomically Correct

With a natural-looking, tooth-colored coating

Easy to Use

Less technique-sensitive than composite strip crowns

Highly Rated by Both Dentists and Parents

Documented in numerous studies and thousands of practices

Exceptional Value

A great value, widely covered by insurance plans and Medicaid across the US

Trusted by thousands of dentists every day for paediatric restorations.


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