The Paediatric Dental Company (TPDC) was founded by Paediatric Dentists Tim Keys, Sarah-Eve Dumais Pelletier and Practice Manager Rani Winter. They aim to provide bespoke paediatric dental products to the Australian market to help practitioners achieve the best outcomes they can for their patients. 
The TPDC team previously experienced issues ordering paediatric dental products in Australia and set about streamlining the process and ensure products are delivered in a timely manner. As such, they are the exclusive distributor for NuSmile products and aim to simplify the ordering and shipping processes.
They aim to be the most cost-effective supplier of paediatric dental crowns. This will help practitioners reduce their costs for their patients and their practices.

They are based in Queensland, Australia and are easily contactable for advice or any queries. 


They also believe that patients and practitioners should not have to travel to a capital city to get access to quality healthcare, nor should dentists miss out on superior paediatric dentistry products due to location


The Paediatric Dental Company is an Australian distribution company stocking the very best in paediatric dental products & is the only Australian distributor for NuSmile zirconia and stainless steel crowns. Order Now. 


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     Dr Tim                          Dr Sarah                       Rani